Bike Shrunk

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have been using a bicycle for transportation for years.  For a short trip in New York you can beat almost any other form of transportation.  Because I don’t own a car I visit many of my job sites by bike.  Unfortunately I always worry about losing the bike during meetings.  Or when the job site is out of town but a few miles from a train station I would love to inflate my bike as I step onto the platform.  I have looked at folding bikes but they are heavy going up and down the subway stairs.  I think the weight stems from abandoning the stable triangles at the heart of all bikes.  So I thought perhaps a bike with a traditional shaped but smaller frame could be made from aluminum.  Small high-pressure wheels would keep the weight down. Rather than folding the frame the front wheel would turn backwards, the handlebar and seat would drop down.  It won’t get as small as a folding bike but small enough to roll under a desk.